Perfect Fit Guarantee

 Perfect Fit Guarantee

If your ring doesn’t fit right, we’ll take care of it with our Perfect Fit Guarantee! Our Perfect Fit Guarantee ensures that you can send your ring back if it does not fit comfortably for a new size, even if we have to remake your ring!


At Northwood Rings, we hand make every single ring to your size when you order. Because our rings are being crafted by hand, we can’t guarantee a machine-perfect fit, and sometimes a small difference in size can be just enough to make wearing your ring uncomfortable. We want to ensure you love your ring, and being able to send it back for an adjustment just makes sense.

Our Perfect Fit Guarantee qualifies you to send your ring back for a one-time adjustment to your size. If you receive your ring and find that it isn’t fitting comfortably, you have 60 days from the time you receive your ring  to reach out to us about getting your ring adjusted. When you do, we’ll work with you to find the best fit. After this step  you’ll send your ring back to us, and we’ll make whatever adjustment is necessary.

There are no fees (aside from shipping*) for this service so long as the original ring is in like-new condition and you have contacted us within the 60 day period.

Our Perfect Fit Guarantee covers one adjustment only. If further adjustments are necessary we will work with you based on our Care For Life policies. 

Once your ring has been adjusted it is no longer eligible for return for refund.

*Customers are responsible for paying their return shipping costs and any customs/duty costs that may be applied. Please ask us about shipping rates to your area if you are concerned.

We will provide a $15 credit towards the return shipping of your ring once the ring has been resized if the adjustment needed is within a half size of the original ordered size. If shipping to your area costs more than $15 you will be asked to cover the difference.

**Custom orders may not qualify for this guarantee  (custom orders include rings where the customer worked with us to create a ring unlike any that we currently sell on our website. This does not include rings that have been customized using our liners or inscription service choices on the product page).