Against the Grain: Being Steadfast in a Changing World

wood grain

We’re really not ones to spend much time talking about ourselves. For starters, our product is all about you: it’s an expression of your love, of your relationship, and of your community. But when it comes to talking about why we do what we do we’re happy to lend a few words to let you know what we believe, why we fight for it, and how you’re helping us every single day. Go you! 

Craftsmanship: If we wanted to make a quick buck we could sell cut wooden rings and be done with it, but like your love for each other we want a product that is based on hard work and designed to last forever which is why we spend hours crafting each bentwood ring, and why we devoted ourselves to finding a method that would last a lifetime.

Doing No Harm: To say it directly, if we can’t account for the source of any material we won’t use it. Most of the materials that we use are reclaimed, which has the added cool factor of knowing your rosewood ring might also be part of beautiful guitar somewhere. When it comes to diamonds, we won’t touch them. We prefer more environmentally and socially responsible alternatives.

Speaking of which, we’re proud supporters of the Coral Reef Alliance, which is a non-profit dedicated to caring for the world’s reefs on a case-by-case basis. Don’t let our own coral rings fool you, we have never and will never kill coral for our rings. All of the coral we use was harvested from beach sands in the Caribbean by folks that we have a close personal relationship with. In essence, this is coral that the sea has willingly given us, and we believe that putting it in jewelry is a great way to honor that gift and raise awareness about the plight of reefs in general.

We also happen to be proud supporters of CPAWS (Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society), which has the awesome goal of keeping half of Canada’s public land and water wild –forever-. It sounds amazing but it can really be possible with support and dedication. A portion of the sales of each ring we make goes to both of these noble causes, and yeah you can brag to your friends that you helped too.

Finally, the most important element to everything we do is love. Sure, we make a living here, but it’s one we’re proud of only because we know what it means to so many others. The first ring Allan ever made was for his love Elizabeth, and we hope to instill that same passion and heartbeat into every ring we make. Our goal of serving our community and our environment are huge reminders that we are in this for love and is a huge part of what we do. But nothing will take the place of what each of your stories means to us. We’d love to hear how you expressed or cherished your love with a Northwood ring so get in touch!

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