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  • Jun162017

    Honeymoon Destinations

    In our last blog post, Adventurous Honeymoons, we talked about the different types of honeymoons that an adventurous couple could take.…

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  • Apr132017

    Adventurous Honeymoons

    A honeymoon should be a special time to connect with you and your newlywed partner. A honeymoon doesn’t mean the…

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  • Feb272017

    Unique Wedding Ideas for Your Special Day

    Are you interested in having a unique wedding to perfectly suit you and your partner, but you have no idea where…

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  • Feb042017
    Ebony tree

    The History of Wood: Ebony

    Wood stands the test of time. It’s sustainable, long-lasting, versatile, and only gets better with age. In the final post…

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  • Jan252017

    Featured Post: Life+Style+Justice

    Our latest featured post is on the site Life+Style+Justice, which defines itself as a resource for stylish, sustainable living with…

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  • Jan192017

    The History of Wood: The Walnut

    Trees are a symbol of durability, of growth, and of the life they sustain. And while we often credit trees…

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  • Jan032017
    English Oak

    The History of Wood: The English Oak

    Wood is central to human existence – it’s built our shelters, cooked our food, and it’s kept us safe. It…

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  • Nov292016
    Couple in a forest

    Awesome Proposals for Adventurous Couples

    The memories will last a lifetime, it’s no wonder people feel the pressure when proposing. Agonizing about how to do…

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  • Oct262016
    Snowy Mountains

    Beautiful & Thoughtful: Your eco-friendly gift giving guide

    This holiday season celebrate the true spirit of gift giving. Make a conscious choice to give gifts from companies that…

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  • Oct172016
    As featured on: Green Wedding Shoes

    Featured post: Green Wedding Shoes

    Have you seen our latest featured post on the beautiful wedding blog We love working with like-minded people who…

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