How Our Rings Are Made

Bentwood Rings Step-By-Step: How We Make Our Rings

7 steps to creating a bentwood ring shown on an infographic

Our Seven Steps to Creating Your Ring:

  1.  We steam thin wood strips until they are pliable, and wrap them around a wooden form in the approximate size of the finished ring. Once dry, these strips are taken off of the forms and hold together in a tight spiral.
  2. The spirals are then glued into shape around another form just slightly larger than the finished product to allow room for our waterproof finish.
  3. Once set this rough ring blank is taken to the lathe where it is cut to width, smoothed, and any inlays for stone or other materials are carved.
  4. When we use crushed inlay materials like the turquoise shown above, it is first crushed down to the size of fine sand. This is put into the inlay and several passes are done to make sure all the spaces are filled.
  5. The ring is taken to the lathe again and the excess stone is sanded away. At this time we also contour the inner edges of our bands for a comfort fit and take our rings through many grits of sanding to ensure a smooth appearance in the grain of our wood.
  6. The longest step involves our finish. Each ring is coated first inside, and then outside, with 7-8 layers of a waterproof acrylic coating. This protects the ring and allows our rings to be worn during most normal daily activities. Rings remain in this step for several days and if any imperfections are seen in the finish we will strip it and start again. We are serious about our finish! When finished the coatings are sanded and polished to a high, smooth shine that is crystal clear and allows the beauty of the wood and stone to be displayed.
  7. All of our rings are inspected by at least two of our artists before they are allowed to be packaged for shipping. Our goal is to make sure you receive a beautiful and defect free ring. Small imperfections that do not affect the quality or durability of the ring are allowed as this is part of the nature and beauty of a handmade wooden ring.

Why A Bentwood Ring is Better.

You may already be more familiar with bentwood than you realize. Wooden canoes, rocking chairs, and many pieces of  furniture employ the bending wood as a technique. Bentwood itself is a well-established method in woodworking but has only recently been applied to creating rings in a durable and long-lasting way.

Every Northwood Ring is expertly handcrafted by our knowledgeable team to your exact size when you order.

In the cut-out wooden ring there are two areas where the end-grain is exposed and the ring is vulnerable to breaking when put under pressure (or when water enters the wood and causes it to expand).

In a bentwood ring, the grain is oriented around and around, into several layers, creating a durable ring with no weak spots.

To bend wood, thin strips of wood need to be steamed to just the right temperature, then quickly wrapped around a form and clamped to hold their shape. After the wood has dried into shape, a special glue is used to glue each overlapping layer until the thickness of the ring has been formed. We typically use 5 to 7 layers to create each ring for maximum strength with a thin profile.

The way the grain is oriented along the length of a bentwood ring, the layers upon layers of wood, and the strong adhesive work together to create the toughest wooden ring possible. Think of it like building with blocks where staggering each layer creates more strength than the one layer on it’s own.

After the shape of the ring has been created, we carefully sand the wood to a polished state, cut and round the edges into a smooth, soft curve and add any inlays you’ve requested. Crushed  shell inlays are placed with tweezers to create maximum coverage.

Browse our Selection of Hand Crafted Wooden Rings

  • Natural English Oak

    If you think basic has to be boring, then you haven't taken a look at this natural English oak bentwood ring. It boasts a simple band design, hand crafted to fit your finger perfectly. A warm finish and natural wood grain shines through, providing an element of elegance to the look. Customize with our personalization options to make the ring your very own. And rest assured, this ring is protected by our Care For Life Guarantee.   Shown in Classic width
    USD $220.00
  • Natural Grey Maple

    Earthy, sophisticated, but laid back...this grey maple bentwood ring is a true testament to expert craftsmanship and attention to detail. Its smooth exterior is offset brilliantly by the natural wood grain, presenting a beautiful combination of elegance and simplicity in design. Sized to fit and comes with a choice of customization options, so you can easily make the design your own.   Shown in Slim width with ebony interior
    USD $220.00
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Natural Indian Rosewood

    Deep rosewood creates a naturally elegant appearance, lending it well to this beautiful bentwood ring. Smoothed to a perfect sheen and sized to fit your finger seamlessly and comfortably, this ring is fitting for men and women alike thanks to its simple but sophisticated appeal. Ideal as a unique wedding band, but also suitable for any occasion. Customize the look to take the "one of a kind" factor to another level, and enjoy our Care for Life Guarantee to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment.   Shown in Full width with Santos Interior
    USD $220.00
  • Natural Ebony

    Sometimes the simplest of things are also the most elegant. Take this ebony bentwood ring for example. It starts with our skillful craftsman who hand craft each ring and ends with a sleek and modern appeal, offered in a simple design that bodes well for men and women alike. Makes an ideal wedding band for those who want something a bit different from the norm, but it's also great for any special occasion and everyday wear. Customize the size for a comfortable and secure fit.   Shown in Full width
    USD $220.00
  • English Oak with Offset Malachite Inlay

    The bold design of this bentwood ring presents a fitting option for most any special occasion. Warm English oak with natural wood grain is highlighted by a brilliant inlay of stunning malachite. Each ring is hand made and original, sized and customized to your liking to make the design your very own. Give as a gift, or purchase one for yourself to add a one of a kind piece to your collection.   Shown in Full Width
    USD $280.00
  • English Oak with American Elm and Golden Koa Inlays

    A trio of warm hues offers this bentwood ring a unique but elegant appeal. English oak with natural wood grain is perfectly highlighted by koa and American elm inlays for a gradient effect. As with all of our premium wood rings, this selection is hand crafted by skilled ring makers and sized to fit your perfectly. Purchase one for your own collection or to surprise that special someone.   Shown in Classic width
    USD $310.00
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • English Oak with 14K White Gold Offset Inlay

    With its simple design and warm hues, you won't have to look twice to realize that there is something special about this bentwood ring. Expertly crafted from English oak, and highlighted by a beautiful 14K white gold inlay, this basic bentwood ring is the perfect marriage of luxury and laid back. Sized to fit you perfectly.   Shown in classic width
    USD $365.00
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • English Oak with 14K White Gold Base

    Looking for the perfect ring with a subtle blend of traditional elegance and natural beauty? This bentwood ring is for you. It features an English oak exterior with wood grain shown throughout, wrapped over a 14K white gold base that ups the luxury in a subtle but striking way. Each ring is handcrafted and fitted to slip on your finger with effortless precision. Comes with our Care for Life Guarantee, so you're ensured of a lifetime of beauty.   Shown in Classic width
    USD $470.00
    Rated 5.00 out of 5