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Ebony tree

The History of Wood: Ebony

Wood stands the test of time. It’s sustainable, long-lasting, versatile, and only gets better with age. In the final post of our History of Wood series, we’re looking at one of the most mysterious and sought-after wood types – Ebony. Ebony, is a black hardwood, dense enough to sink in

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Featured Post: Life+Style+Justice

Our latest featured post is on the site Life+Style+Justice, which defines itself as a resource for stylish, sustainable living with an emphasis on social justice.  We’re big fans of this blog, and we hope you’ll enjoy it too! Check out the full story here.

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The History of Wood: The Walnut

Trees are a symbol of durability, of growth, and of the life they sustain. And while we often credit trees as the provider of wood, we tend to forget about tree’s other valuable resources. Our next post in the History of Wood series shines a light on one tree that

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English Oak

The History of Wood: The English Oak

Wood is central to human existence – it’s built our shelters, cooked our food, and it’s kept us safe. It plays an integral role in everyday life, in every country worldwide. We’re devoting our next three blog posts to exploring our favourite types of wood, and the role they play

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Couple in a forest

Awesome Proposals for Adventurous Couples

The memories will last a lifetime, it’s no wonder people feel the pressure when proposing. Agonizing about how to do it, where to do it, when to do it … and keeping it all under wraps! We will let you in on a secret: the key to picking the perfect

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Snowy Mountains

Beautiful & Thoughtful: Your eco-friendly gift giving guide

This holiday season celebrate the true spirit of gift giving. Make a conscious choice to give gifts from companies that are making the world a better place. We’ve put together a list of our top choices that are perfect, no matter what your reason for celebrating is this holiday season.

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