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Featured post: Green Wedding Shoes

Have you seen our latest featured post on the beautiful wedding blog We love working with like-minded people who share our passion for stylish and unique weddings and we are so excited to have had the opportunity to work with this lovely couple for their latest post! For the

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6 wedding trends that shined in 2016

From the venue to the table settings and everything in between, 2016 saw a return to all things simplistic and naturally beautiful. Following the Northwood Rings spirit, brides and grooms shifted towards relaxed and casual settings inspired by nature and injected their unique flair where ever possible.   Rustic chic

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When Should I Buy My Wedding Ring(s)?

The run up from initially getting engaged to the actual date that you tie the knot can be hectic. With so much to do, breaking off all the tasks into manageable chunks can help keep stress levels down. So when should you actually purchase your wedding rings? The Right Time

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Choosing a Custom Inscription for Your Wooden Ring

At Northwood Rings, we offer you the option of inscribing a message on your ring. A wood-friendly alternative to engraving, inscriptions will not shorten the life of your ring and will let you add a special message for your partner. Instead, we use a special ink to inscribe your message

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Of Trees and Rings: Choosing the Perfect Wood

Trees have been a source of spiritual meaning for as long as humanity can remember. Most religions and cultures have ascribed cosmological significance to trees, and the history and lore still resonate today. Today, trees have an added significance as ecological guardians. In choosing a wooden ring, you are making

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Eco-Friendly Wedding Ideas

Getting married is a time-honoured reason to throw a big party for your friends and family. However, the bigger a party or a wedding is, the more likely it will have an impact on the environment around it.  Many traditional practices at weddings can leave behind garbage, debris, other forms

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