Buyer’s Guide

Buyer’s Guide


Consider Your Lifestyle

One of the biggest decisions in choosing your ring should be your (or your loved ones) lifestyle. A ring that is meant to be worn daily should be easy to wear, easy to care for, and suit the tastes and ethics of the wearer.

Easy means different things for different people, for some, taking care of an all wooden ring suits their tastes and their ethics and may be a pleasure. For others, it may feel cumbersome and annoying. Choosing a diamond for an engagement ring may feel luxurious and special to some or be a deal-breaker for others that believe diamonds are harmful or just aren’t interested in wearing something flashy. Some people prefer a colored stone with personality to the clear brilliant look of diamonds.

When choosing a gemstone ring, which style suits you (or your loved one) better? Do they work with their hands or are they sporty? A lower style gemstone set into the band may be more convenient and practical to one that sits above the finger. If they work in an office and prefer dressing up to hiking than a band with a beautiful stone perched on top of their finger might just be their dream ring.

If you are choosing a ring to give to your loved one, it’s best if you’ve already had a discussion about their tastes and desires in jewelry. If the ring is for yourself, think about how you plan on wearing your ring. Are you okay taking off your ring everytime you clean your home or build something? Check out our Care page to see how each of our ring styles should be treated for more clues as to which style would be perfect for you or the one you’re giving a ring to.


How To Properly Get Your Ring Size

It can be intimidating to purchase a ring online without having tried it on. If you’re short on time, or even if you aren’t, it’s best to get your ring size right the first time to avoid fees, long shipping wait times as you exchange your ring, and the disappointment of not being able to wear your ring immediately after receiving it.

We recommend you visit your local jeweler and ask to be sized. This is a free service that most jewelers will be happy to help you with and only takes a moment. We can send you a plastic ring sizer on request, but these will be mailed using regular post and can take some time to arrive. You should never use a string or paper to find your ring size at home alone. While you may get an accurate result, we find most of the time these results end up being a poor fit.

Most of our rings come in a comfort style band, so asking to try on comfort style bands at a local jeweler is a good way to make sure you will find the right fit. You’ll also want to try bands in a similar width to the ring you are hoping to purchase.

  • Our slim rings are 4-5mm in width
  • Our classic rings are 6-7mm in width
  • Our Full rings are 8 mm in width.

We use the standard American ring sizing on our website, but if you are converting your size from a different scale, we recommend you include that size in your notes on checkout. This way we can double check that the scale used was converted appropriately.

If you have any questions about finding your size, or if you cannot find a local jeweler, please contact us and we’d be happy to help you with getting an accurate ring size.


Buying For Someone as a Surprise?

We’ve all seen those romantic surprise proposals, and they are great. The joy, shock and elation is catching and we’d all love to have a moment like that with our loved one. If you’re planning your own surprise proposal there may be a few things to consider before you purchase the ring.

There’s a golden rule in getting engaged, while the proposal time and exact details can be a surprise, the fact that you’re proposing shouldn’t be unless you’re reasonably sure the answer will be ‘yes’. If you aren’t sure, it may be good to ask a trusted friend or family member of your loved one what they think of a surprise proposal.

Choosing the perfect ring can also be tricky for a surprise proposal if you don’t know your loved ones ring size. Sometimes the ring size has already been found because the fact that you are going to propose one day has already been decided, or a mother or friend has it on hand for that ‘just in case’ situation.

If you don’t have their ring size it might be best to propose with our pre-designed style of ring rather than to have one custom designed. You can always return the style after the proposal and work together to design the ring of their dreams. This can be a great way of starting your life together and be more meaningful than having picked out their ring on your own.

If you are set on getting them their dream ring before knowing their ring size you may be able to get a ring they already commonly wear away from them and take it to a local jeweler to check the size.

For a more sneaky way of finding their ring size, contact us for ideas. We can’t share everything where they might find it and risk spoiling the surprise!