Customize Your Ring

Customizing Your Ring

There are so many ways to make your ring one-of-a-kind. Work with us to design something unique to you.

9 ways to make your custom wood ring your own style

14K rose gold custom wood ring with wood pieces behind to show the ability to change wood types14K rose gold custom wood ring with wood pieces behind to show the ability to change wood types
Swap Our Materials
14K white gold custom wood ring with rounded profile14K white gold custom wood ring with rounded profile
Change the Contour or Shape
a ball peen hammer lies on a table with a hammered finished white gold and wood ring set on topa ball peen hammer lies on a table with a hammered finished white gold and wood ring set on top
Choose the Finish
A cut branch shows the creamy white interior of wood . On top, a custom wood ring sits made from 14K white gold and the branch woodA cut branch shows the creamy white interior of wood . On top, a custom wood ring sits made from 14K white gold and the branch wood
Send in Your Own Material
crushed synthetic fire opal shows off it's stunning opulencecrushed synthetic fire opal shows off it's stunning opulence
Have Us Source a Material
a ring box holds a custom wood ring made from ebony and engraved with a jellyfish designa ring box holds a custom wood ring made from ebony and engraved with a jellyfish design
Laser Engrave A Design
A thumbs up in front of an american flag. Thumb is sporting a red wooden ring with blue inlay and star motif for an american styleA thumbs up in front of an american flag. Thumb is sporting a red wooden ring with blue inlay and star motif for an american style
Create Your Own Style
Add A Unique Inscription
Work With Our Designer
For a style all your own, work with our designer to create something just for you.

swap our Materials

Have you seen a wood ring in our shop that you like, but would love even better in another wood tone we offer? We can do that! Want to use malachite in place of turquoise? Absolutely! 

Many of our customers choose to make small substitutions to already-designed styles. Changing the wood, stone, or gold type is a great way to add a personal touch. Often you can do this for little-to-no extra cost. 

We’re happy to help you modify any of our existing styles to create a unique custom wood ring that is perfect for you.


Change the Shape of your ring

Most of the rings shown in our store are made with a comfort fit interior, and a flat exterior. This means the inside is slightly rounded toward your finger, and the outside is flat across the top. 

If you prefer a more rounded exterior or a flat style interior we can usually make this work for you. 

We can also change the shape of your ring to be tapered. We’ll work with you on any personal preferences you might have.

Let us know what you want and we’d be happy to help adapt any of our styles to your taste.


Choose the best finish for you

We finish our wood with a strong, durable coat of glossy finish. 

If you prefer to have a more matte look to your ring we can take some of that gloss away. We do this by changing the final steps of our polishing process, but the durability remains the same.

If you are interested in our gold style rings, a sand blasted finish can be applied.  This creates a smooth, satiny appearance and feel. A hammered Finish is also possible for our gold rings. 



Send In Your Own Materials

Customers love to send us their own materials for a truly special custom wood ring. 

Send us shells you picked up on your first date, sand from the place you proposed, a rock from your last vacation – whatever you have, we’ll do our best to work with it. 

We also accept wood in good condition that has been salvaged or harvested appropriately. 

Not all materials will work. It’s best to contact us before sending in your material. If you’re able to supply a picture along with your email, please do. It will help us in our assessment. 


have us source materials for your custom wood ring

If there’s a wood you love, a special stone you want to have symbolize an event, or a color you’d love to incorporate we can help. 

Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll do our best to find it for you.  We will try to source any material a customer asks for, but we also believe in sustainability and responsible harvesting. 

Some natural materials are best left in nature and we choose not to work with them. We will let you know if this is the case. Most times we are able to find a great, and less environmentally damaging, alternative.

*We can always source a new material we haven’t worked with before, but we cannot guarantee we can work with it once we have it. 

We have been making custom wood rings for years and can make an educated guess before ordering. However, with so many materials to choose from, it’s not always a guaranteed success.


laser engrave a design

In 2015 we developed our own way of laser engraving a pattern into our wooden rings. Some of our most popular styles showcase what our laser can do. However, our customers are constantly amazing us with their own creative ideas.

One customer chose to engrave a topographical representation of the river they were getting married next to. Filling it with their own turquoise stone on a Santos wood base. It was stunning!

Another chose a mountain range around the whole ring, filled with black jet on an English oak ring for a subtle look. 

Choose something meaningful or beautiful to you, and we can work with you to have it engraved into your custom wood ring.


Create your own style

If you’ve got a completely custom wood style in mind, we may be able to help you design it. 

Be detailed in the description of what you’d like, send us images or links, and we’ll do our best to make your dream ring a reality. 

For the sake of simplicity we suggest you stick to 4 or fewer elements. The space on a ring is small and sometimes a minimal design turns out much better than one with too many design elements. 

If you’ve seen another artists work and want to have it  made by us, please reconsider.  We’re happy to use an image as inspiration if you want to have something similar. 

Ethically we feel that copying another artists work exactly as they have designed it is wrong, and we will not recreate it. 


add a unique inscription


When it comes to our rings, inscriptions can be done two ways:

First, we have an etching machine capable of several different set fonts, and several symbols. 

Alternatively, if you have a unique idea in mind, we can add it to the wax we use for casting your gold ring. This means your inscription will be custom designed before your gold ring is printed. 

When the wax is printed for casting, your inscription will already be in place. There will be a higher cost to use this option, but it provides you with many possibilities. 

Ask us for details if this is of interest to you.


Work With Our Designer

If none of the above descriptions capture what you’d like to do with your ring, it might be time to work with our designer. Laurel Hill can help you fully customize a gold ring (with or without wooden inlays).   

Check out her service page to learn more. 

Her service is best utilized with rings made almost entirely out of gold or precious metals since computer aided design is used to create your model. The model is then printed in wax and cast in metal. 

If your design idea is mainly wood, but doesn’t fit in any of the categories above, try us anyway – we love a challenge!

Customize Your Wood Ring

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Macassar Ebony - Southeast Asia: A beautiful dark red to black toned wood. Great with vibrant colours like turquoise or malachite.
English Oak
*We are currently using the lighter woods from our Macassar Ebony to achieve this color as Roasted English Oak that is workable for bentwood has become hard to find. Colors range from medium to dark brown and nearly black tones.
Grey Maple
Sugar Maple - Canada: We use the same maple as our regular maple listing, but achieve a beautiful greyed colour by soaking the wood in iron acetate to achieve a weathered silver look.
Santos Rosewood
South America (Brazil and Bolivia): Not a true rosewood, and the same wood as our Pau Ferro, we use the santos name to differentiate the more red tone of this wood from the yellow tones of our Pau Ferro.
Pau Ferro
South America (Brazil and Bolivia): The same as our Santos Rosewood (although not a true rosewood), we use the Pau Ferro name to differentiate the more yellow tone of this wood from the red tones of our Santos.
Central and South America: Beautiful deep purple tones that range to nearly black, but show up brilliant in natural light.
American Elm
Eastern to Midwest United States: Tones range from a toasted caramel to light creamy white in the sapwood
Hawaiian Golden Koa
Hawaii: Vibrant golden tones ranging to reddish hues make this one of our customers most favorite wood choices.
American Black Walnut
Eastern United States: Walnut ranges from a pale brown to a deep chocolate brown and every shade between. Can have color casts of yellow, grey, purple or red.
Elm Burl
Western Europe: The grain in a burled tree is caused by some form of stress or injury to the tree, but creates a pattern that is beautiful to look at. Colors range from medium to dark brown with small figures of color patterns changing throughout.
Canadian Maple
Sugar Maple - Canada: Light and bright in color, our sugar maple comes from Canada and is a beautiful warm creamy white tone ranging to a light honey shade.

None of the woods we use are listed in the CITES appendices as being threatened or endangered. Macassar Ebony is listed on the IUCN Red List as being vulnerable due to a decline in it’s natural range. 

We source most of our woods from craftspeople and artisans with pieces too small for their own use. In this way we feel we can create beautiful rings without contributing to their decline.

Lapis Lazuli
"Blue Mix"
Made from Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli and Malachite
Synthetic Coral
Coral Sand
Natural Sand
Mother of Pearl
Synthetic Opal