Work With Our Designer

Work With Our Designer


Imagining the perfect ring? Want to work on something special but not sure where to start? We can help! Work with Laurel Hill, co-owner and certified CAD jewelry designer to bring your imagination to life.


The Process

If you’re looking to create your very own design, Laurel Hill can help. Using Rhino Gold, the best CAD program for jewelry design, her talent in graphic design and our 3D printer, we can bring your perfect ring to life. You will work with Laurel to design a first sketch of your ring, then a rendered image once the details have been finalized, and finally you can choose to receive a 3D wax model of your ring to try on and examine before the final ring is cast.

The first step is to contact us with an outline of where you are in the design process.Do you know exactly what you want and just need help to create it? Are you sure you want a custom ring but don’t know where to start? Fill out the form at the bottom of this page (after reading about the cost and considerations) and we’ll get back to you with your next steps.  


The Cost

Working to create a custom design takes time and a lot of work. We charge an upfront non-refundable* fee of $250 to work with you on a custom design. This is to make sure we are working only with customers who are committed to moving ahead with their designs. Laurel has a limited schedule to work with customers and can only take on a few custom orders at a time. There may be a wait list to have your custom design started, but once Laurel has started with you on your design she will make sure she has the time to give you her full attention until your ring is brought to life.

Because each design is different, and each person may require more or less time, we have to set a limit on the number of communications and the time spent on each custom order. We should be able to complete the basics of your order within 5-7 emails, or 50 mins of phone or video chat time. If revisions to, or plans for, your order are taking considerably more time you will be asked to pay a fee proportionate to the time we feel may still be needed to complete the design portion of your custom order.


Things to Consider


Creating a custom design is not something that can be done on a short timeline. If Laurel has time in her schedule open, and if you have a very fleshed out idea of what you are looking for, we may be able to get you a custom design in as little as three weeks, but this is not something we can promise or provide at all times. It is best to have at least 8 weeks from the beginning of your custom order (when Laurel is available to work with you) to the receiving of your ring. A complicated ring may take longer. These considerations will be discussed with you at the commencement of your project.


A custom designed and created ring may not be able to be resized easily or at all. If you are looking to have a custom ring designed it is highly advisable that you have had your finger sized, or know the size of the person who will be receiving the ring. See our Buyer’s Guide for more information on ring sizing.


We want you to love your custom designed ring, and we always strive to supply our customers with a ring that suits their tastes, but please consider that a custom designed ring has been designed with one specific person in mind. These cannot be refunded, exchanged or otherwise returned after purchasing.

If Laurel is unable to work with you in the time you need and you have already placed your $250 deposit but work has not commenced, or if Laurel has determined that she is unable to bring your design to life in a way she feels you will be happy with, this fee will be refunded in whole.

Laurel reserves the right to work only with those customers she feels comfortable to work with. Any abuse, verbal or otherwise, demands or threats will be cause for immediate discontinuation of work and a forfeit of your design fee.

Now that you have an idea of what we can create for you, tell us a little more about what you have in mind so we can help you get started on your perfect ring.


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