Are Northwood wooden rings durable?

We create our rings using the bentwood method. This means we take a long, thin strip of wood and bend it into a spiral. Once the spiral is formed, we glue the layers together to form a solid ring that is very durable. Many objects you are already familiar use a bentwood method: some chairs with curved backs or legs, canoes, and a lot of wooden instruments like guitars employ this technique. It is known for creating strength by using the characteristics of wood to it’s own advantage.

However, with any wooden object, the real indicator of how long it will last is up to the owner. Wooden rings do need to be cared for, and though they can be worn on a daily basis and worn just like any other ring, it is important to be mindful of sharp objects and other problems that could cause damage to the wood by gouging or scratching the surface. Visit our page ‘Is a Wooden Ring the Right Fit for You’ to learn more about when a wooden ring may not be the best fit for your lifestyle.

We also offer two collections combining metal and wood for more options. See the question about our collections to learn more about durability of each style.

What is the difference in your three collections and why do they have separate policies?

When Northwood Rings started in 2012 we were focused solely on the production of all wooden rings. In 2015 we began incorporating a metal base into our styles for more durability and a modern look, and now in 2018 we’ve added our luxury collection – a mostly traditional precious metal ring with wooden accents. Each of these styles has different care requirements, and so we’ve created policies specific to each collection to better serve our customers and provide quality care for your purchase.

The difference in our collections:

The Romance Collection: Consisting of all wooden style rings. This collection showcases our original styles and is perfect for those looking for a non-metal ring; a natural looking or feeling ring; or for those looking to have a beautiful style at a lower cost point.

The Elegance Collection: Consisting of our metal based styles. This hybrid style of ring offers more care options, a more traditional feel when worn, and still showcases a mostly wooden exterior. The metal base provides the ability to have an engraving/inscription and we have found that these rings come in for refinishing less often than our all wooden style.

The Luxury Collection: Consisting of our mostly precious metal style rings with wooden accents. If you love the look and feel of more traditional jewelry, but still want to incorporate some wood tones (or if your partner prefers one of our other collections and you still want to have matching rings) this is the perfect collection for you. Providing the most options for care, the least maintenance, and a beautiful style capable of showcasing gemstones, this style is great for anyone hoping to have all of the same benefits of metal jewelry with a handcrafted appeal.

Can I get my wooden ring wet?

We treat all of our rings with an outer layer of acrylic finish. This finish seals in the wood and repels water, and is very long lasting. While your ring is protected you can wear it while washing your hands, showering, or going about your daily activities. We do warn against harsh chemicals, especially nail polish remover and alcohol based hand sanitizers. It is best to remove your ring when using these chemicals as they can cause clouding of the finish, and wear it away faster than normal.

We do send each of our rings with it’s own pot of wax for extra protection. This wax is easy to rub in and will fill in any scratches that the acrylic finish takes on, meaning that you won’t need to send your ring back for refinishing often. However, when the finish does begin to wear off we offer a free refinishing service which will have your ring looking like new.

Why are your prices shown in American dollars when you are a Canadian company?

All of our prices are displayed in American dollars. We are a Canadian company, but with customers worldwide we wanted to use a currency everyone was familiar with. For this reason we display all of our costs in American dollars. We are able to process sales in Canadian by phone or email invoice if you are a Canadian customer and want to avoid the exchange charge on your credit card. Please call us at 1-800-815-2084 for help, or send us an email at sales@northwoodrings.com to be sent an invoice.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Mastercard, Visa and Paypal. 

If you want to use paypal with your credit card and without having an account, select paypal on check out, and then choose the ‘Don’t have an Account?’ box under the sign in. This will allow you to check out without having a paypal account..

How often will my ring need refinishing?

We often see rings come back for our free refinishing service around 12-18 months depending on wear. Customers who are diligent about using their wax on a weekly basis tend to take longer to send their rings back than those who choose not to use the wax.

If you find that you are needing to send your ring back more often, we can look into your lifestyle with you and determine if there are ways to protect your ring for longer between refinishings.

We also find that customers with a metal base or one of our luxury styles do not need refinishing as often as those with purely wood rings, but these styles do still require refinishing when signs of wear are present.

What if something happens to my ring?

If something has happened to your ring, get in touch with us. We have a Care-For-Life Guarantee and we will do everything we can to repair your ring for you, free of charge. If major damage is present there may be a charge for repair, but we will discuss these charges with you before any work is completed.

Is wood a good choice for a wedding band that I will wear without taking off?

A wooden ring can be a great choice for a wedding band, and a lot of our customers use their rings this way. We send your ring with protective wax, as well as care guidelines, with the expectation that you will wear your ring on a daily basis.

There are a few extra steps to caring for a wooden ring, such as a weekly waxing and keeping it free of harsh chemicals, but for most people a wooden ring is a warm, wonderful choice that does not cause any trouble as a wedding band choice. You can learn more about whether a wooden ring is the right fit for you on our ‘Is a Wooden Ring the Right Fit for You’ page.

How quickly can I get a ring?

We work hard to create our rings in the quickest time possible, but we make every ring to order. Once we have your order and size we try to get your ring out within 15-20 business days. We will always indicate the time we are currently taking to create our rings on the confirmation you receive after ordering.

All of our orders ship with UPS Express Shipping, unless a faster service is paid for. This service typically delivers in 2-7 business days throughout Canada and the United States, and within 2-10 business days elsewhere.

When we have room, we will always consider a request for a rush order, but you will need to get in touch with us and let us know your address, the date you need your ring, and the ring type you will want in order for us to assess whether we can meet your need.

Do you take custom requests?

We will take some custom requests, but if we feel a design cannot be created with a guarantee of strength, or with a future ability to care for the design, we will decline certain custom orders. Please get in touch with our customer care team in order to determine if your ring design is possible.

If you are looking to create a ring with a similar style to something we already offer, but you would like to use other materials (for instance, a walnut ring that you’ve seen on our site, but paired with a gold inlay you saw in an english oak style), this is typically something we can set up for you with ease. Please contact our customer care team in order to set up this type of request.

What kind of wood do you use?

We use woods that we know will last, and that will retain their beauty. All of our wood has been ethically sourced and generally comes from other artisans or trades where the smaller pieces would be discarded as they were too small to be worked with. Wooden rings take such a small amount of wood that these pieces are perfect for our work and can help us to recycle what has already been harvested.

Can I send in my own wood, gemstones or sand?

We love adding a personal touch to your ring, and we accept most wood samples and sands, as well as some select other materials. Please get in touch with us about your materials so we can help you to determine whether your samples would work well for a ring, and to find out how to order your ring and send in your materials to get started.

However, because we believe in doing no harm, and also because we are too small to guarantee your personal gemstones, we do not accept gemstones or family stones for setting into our rings. If you want a gemstone that you do not see on our website, please contact us so that we can work with you to source something ethically.

We will not work with diamonds of any kind.

Are your rings vegan friendly?

Most of our rings are vegan friendly. The glues and finishes we use do not contain animal products, and we can work with you to create an order that is completely vegan friendly. However, the wax we send with the rings is made with beeswax. We do not offer a soy alternative at this time, but we would be happy to leave the wax out of your order and help direct you on how to make, or find, a suitable substitute wax for extra protection of your ring.

How do I know my ring size?

Wooden rings fit similarly to metal bands and visiting your local jeweler is a quick and efficient way to find an accurate ring size. Please see our page on Finding Your Ring Size to learn more about our other options.

How are your materials sourced? Is it eco-friendly?

We source all of our wood through reclaimed materials, or second hand through artisans and trades with pieces too small to be used in their own work any further. We also receive a lot of our wood from customers themselves.

Our other materials are either gathered by us locally, or sourced through businesses with high standards. All of our precious metals are 85% recycled or more.

We believe in doing no harm, and that means being mindful of how we gather our materials. We want you to have a ring you can be proud to wear. To learn more about our standards and what we believe, visit our ‘We Believe’ page.

Do you offer engraving?

Yes. We offer engravings on our luxury and elegance collection rings (any rings with metal against the finger), and we offer an ink based inscription on our wooden rings.

While we don’t engrave into our wooden rings, we do offer a way to add an inscription. We use an ink transfer method that is similar to tattooing the wood with your message. This allows us to add a clear and easy-to-read inscription without causing any cuts into the wood grain that might weaken the ring.

Where do you ship your rings?

We ship express to over 35 different countries for free. You can check our list of shipping destinations to see if we ship to you already. If we don’t currently show shipping to your area, please get in touch with us. We can work with you to determine if we can get a ring to you, wherever you are.

I’m having trouble with paying on check out. My card is declining. Why?

If you are having trouble placing your order, and you do not reside in Canada, it may be that your credit card provider has strict security measures in place to keep your card safe. We are a Canadian company and many credit card providers will restrict sales out of your own country unless they are aware that you are travelling or planning to make a purchase. Most times this can be resolved by calling your credit card provider and asking them to allow the sale.