Is it Right for You?

Is a Wooden Ring the Right Choice for You?

We love our wooden rings, and you will too! Let’s just make sure we’re a great fit together first.


A Northwood wooden ring is beautiful, warm, and easily customized to fit your style, but we’re often asked “Will this ring work in my life?”

Our goal is to match our customers with wooden rings that will stand up to their lifestyle and last for many years to come. Each of our wood types are selected because they are strong and can stand up to most daily lifestyles. Taking care of your finish and using your wax scratch protection helps, but some tasks can cause issues with the finish, and over time, with the wood itself. 

Here are the top five issues we’ve noticed that may affect a customer’s experience with their wooden ring


Alcohol Based Hand Sanitizer:

A lot of people rely on hand sanitizer to stay healthy and keep germs at bay, and the occasional use won’t hurt your ring, but for professionals in the health or education industry that find themselves using hand sanitizer often throughout the day, we have noticed our rings being sent back more frequently for refinishing. The alcohol in the sanitizer can weaken the waterproof finish on the ring and cause it to chip away. This is not an immediate effect, and we have many customers who still choose a wooden ring.

If you fall into this category we suggest you take your ring off while applying the sanitizer and leave it off until the alcohol has evaporated. If you occasionally forget to remove your ring you don’t need to worry. Just keep an eye on your finish and send it back to us if you see any clouding, dull patches or chips developing.


Nail Polish Remover & Other Chemicals:

Nail polish remover is a very common reason for customers sending their rings back for refinishing. The acetone found in the polish reacts with the acrylic finish on our rings and creates a white cloudy patch on the ring. The actual wood is not affected, but the white spot can ruin the look of your ring.

An accident with nail polish remover can easily be fixed, but you will need to send your ring to us for refinishing. We’ll strip the old coating and re-coat with new, but we suggest you take your ring off while doing your nails to avoid the issue altogether.

Other chemicals that contain similar ingredients (or any chemical you would not let sit on acrylic/plastic) should be kept away from your ring.

Most any issue that is caused by chemicals will only affect the outer finish and can be repaired with our free refinishing service.


Medicated Skin Creams:

If you use a medicated skin cream for eczema or for other purposes, you will need to be careful that the cream is fully soaked in or washed off of your hands before wearing your ring. We have had a few of our customers unable to wear our rings due to medicated skin cream.

Unfortunately we have not found a solution to this issue yet for all-wood style rings. We find that it is mostly customers with eczema on their hands that have had issues with this style of ring.  If you wear metal jewelry without issue already, a metal based ring may be a way to get around this issue.


Mechanical Work or Working with tools/hands Regularly:

We know our rings appeal to carpenters, mechanics, electricians and more – and we love to provide them with great styles, but we’ve also seen what some of their tougher jobs can do to their rings!

If your job involves wrenching on metal handled tools or getting your hands beat up on the job, you may not find a wooden ring is suited to your life at work. The metal of the tool pressed up against the wood, or other tough jobs that leave your hands scratched, can leave your ring with dings, dents and scratches that wouldn’t normally happen on a day-to-day basis.

Some customers get around this by wearing silicone rings while at work, and putting on their wooden ring for home life.


Extreme Sports:

If you spend your free time rock-climbing, cliff diving, or doing other extreme sports you may find a wooden ring just can’t keep up. Rock climbing, due to the sharp rocks against the ring, seems to be our biggest complaint from the extreme sports group. Most customers understand why their ring has developed scratches and dents, but it’s still disappointing to do damage to your special ring.

If you are into extreme sports it may be best to leave your ring at home while participating. Just like we suggest to our hard working customers, for our customers who play hard and still want a wooden ring, a silicone band for those days you have to leave your ring home may be a great option.

Nothing on the list has a significant impact on you? Great! You should be able to wear a Northwood Ring with very little worry. We still suggest our rings are sent back for refinishing when the coating wears away (it differs for every customer but a typical guideline is once per year).

On the list? Many times there are solutions to get around the more common issues, like hand sanitizer, but if you want a ring that won’t need extra care and any of these issues apply to your lifestyle, it might be best to consider a different option.

While we would love to say a wooden ring is for everyone, sometimes we’d be doing our customers a disservice by selling them a wooden ring when their lifestyle just doesn’t match up.


Still have questions? We are here and ready to help!