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These handcrafted bentwood rings look luxurious from every angle. Our women’s luxury wood rings come in a wide variety of styles including with yellow and white 14K gold accents and inlays.

  • Ebony with Rose Petal Inlay and Rose Gold Accents and Base

    If you're looking for romance in a ring, this is the ring for you. Rose gold accents border a stunning, carefully set inlay of dried rose petals encased in our waterproof finish. The natural beauty of the rose petal colours in variegated shades lend themselves perfectly to this wooden band, set off by the dark ebony wood wrap.
    Shown in Classic width
    USD $665.00
  • English Oak with Laurel Wreath

    A truly unique and beautiful style, this ring is made from a dark english oak wrap over a 14K yellow gold base and engraved with a laurel wreath design. The wreath is filled with both stunning golden leaves made from Hawaiian koa wood and a few interspersed leaves filled with a crushed malachite stone.
    USD $645.00
  • Ebony with 14K Yellow Gold Offset Inlay

    This chic bentwood ring exudes sophistication. From its deep ebony hue to its vibrant 14K yellow gold band, this ring is the perfect combination of simplicity and elegance. Makes a fitting wedding band for men and women alike. Or, give for any special occasion when you need a gift that really stands out. Customize for a perfect fit.   Shown in Classic width with Pau Ferro interior
    USD $365.00
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Ebony with Floral Vine

    This bentwood ring combines expert craftsmanship with a beautiful laser engraved floral vine. The rich ebony construction offers a dark backdrop for the stunning Azurite stone inlay. This ring is sure to please and, better yet, it is sized to fit and comes with our Care for Life Guarantee.   Shown in Classic width with Maple interior
    USD $395.00
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Ebony with 4mm Moissanite

    Truly unique in design, you don't have to be an expert to know this ring is something special. Fashioned from real wood with a 4mm Forever Brilliant® Moissanite stone from Charles & Colvard®, set in 14K white gold setting. This ring makes a truly unique, non-traditional engagement ring. Contact us to personalize this ring even further with colored stones or a different wood type. Moissanites are an eco-friendly alternative to diamonds. They have the same brilliant, fiery white look of a diamond. All stones come with a certificate of authenticity. *This style of ring is more delicate and requires care when wearing to avoid knocking the gemstone. If worn daily the gemstone may become loose over time due to the way this stone is set above the wood. Please contact us to discuss this style further before purchasing if you have any questions about wear.  Our gemstone rings are subject to a resetting fee if it is required to reset the gemstone due to resizing or repair. Please see our Care For Life Guarantee regarding Gemstones for more information. 
    USD $545.00
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • English Oak with 14K Yellow Gold Offset Inlay

    A striking combination of classic and modern, this bentwood ring boasts a warm English oak construction with a natural grain finish that adds to its earthy allure. The 14K gold band completes the look, adding another level of sophistication that allows this ring to work well for formal as well as casual affairs. Customized for an effortless fit and hand crafted to your specifications for a truly one of a kind appeal.   Shown in Classic width
    USD $365.00
  • English Oak with 14K White Gold Offset Inlay

    With its simple design and warm hues, you won't have to look twice to realize that there is something special about this bentwood ring. Expertly crafted from English oak, and highlighted by a beautiful 14K white gold inlay, this basic bentwood ring is the perfect marriage of luxury and laid back. Sized to fit you perfectly.   Shown in classic width
    USD $365.00
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Ebony with Turquoise Inlay and 14K White Gold Accents

    The combination of ebony and vibrant turquoise gives this bentwood ring a unique appearance fitting for most any personal sense of style. 14K white gold bands enhance the look even further with an added element of luxury, making this ring perfect as a wedding band or gift for any special occasion. Each ring is expertly crafted and made to fit your exact measurements exactly, so you get a secure fit that won't slip or slide. Comes with our Care for Life Guarantee.   Shown in Classic width
    USD $415.00
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • English Oak with 14K Rose Gold Offset Inlay

    Looking for something unique, but classic? Simple, but sophisticated? This striking bentwood ring combines elements of modern appeal and traditional charms for a truly one of a kind look. English Oak wood is a perfect background for the 14K rose gold inlay. The result is a wood ring that embodies the very best of elegance and simplicity. Shown in Classic width
    USD $365.00
  • English Oak with Natural Sand and 14K White Gold Accents

    This bentwood ring boasts a beautiful english oak construction, hand crafted to perfection and sized to fit you just right. Two sleek white gold bands add a dose of elegance to the look, while a natural sand inlay gives it a laid back element to round out the effect in the most unique of ways. Like all of our world class wood rings, this one is hand crafted and made to suit your sense of style. Choose from our available personalization options to complete the look and make it your own.   Shown in Classic width with American Elm Interior
    USD $415.00
  • Indian Rosewood with Coral Sand and 14K Yellow Gold Accents and Base

    A stunning assortment of hues, this Indian rosewood ring blends the deep tones of rosewood with a brilliant gold sheen in the form of two yellow gold bands and a beautiful 14K yellow gold base. Coral sand from Bermuda makes up the inlay, offering a seamless mingling of pinks, tans, and whites for a striking texture. Each ring features naturally and ethically sourced coral, available while supplies last.   Shown in Classic width
    USD $665.00
  • Indian Rosewood with Grey Maple and 14K Yellow Gold Accents

    This bentwood ring boasts a striking balance of shades for a truly unique look. Deep rosewood is contrasted beautifully by two 14K yellow gold bands and a natural grey maple inlay. Wood grain throughout offers a laid back feel, while the shimmering effects of the gold give it that added touch of elegance. Fitting for men and women alike, this ring makes a one of a kind wedding band or anniversary gift. Customize the look to your liking, and enjoy the perks of our Perfect Fit Guarantee.   Shown in full width with grey maple interior
    USD $415.00