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If you’re looking for an eco-friendly women’s engagement ring, look no further. We have a great variety of natural wood bands to choose from including rings made from walnut, maple, ebony, oak and many more!

  • Natural Grey Maple Natural Bentwood Rings
    Natural Grey Maple Natural Bentwood Rings

    Natural Grey Maple

    Earthy, sophisticated, but laid back...this grey maple bentwood ring is a true testament to expert craftsmanship and attention to detail. Its smooth exterior is offset brilliantly by the natural wood grain, presenting a beautiful combination of elegance and simplicity in design. Sized to fit and comes with a choice of customization options, so you can easily make the design your own.
    USD $220.00
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • Natural Indian Rosewood

    Deep rosewood creates a naturally elegant appearance, lending it well to this beautiful bentwood ring. Smoothed to a perfect sheen and sized to fit your finger seamlessly and comfortably, this ring is fitting for men and women alike thanks to its simple but sophisticated appeal. Ideal as a unique wedding band, but also suitable for any occasion. Customize the look to take the "one of a kind" factor to another level, and enjoy our Care for Life Guarantee to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment.
    USD $220.00
  • Natural Pau Ferro

    Warm hues combined with natural wood grain give this bentwood ring a truly remarkable blend of simple elegance and laid back vibes. The wood finish offers a marbled effect, leaving the ring with rich brown tones that create a gradient appearance throughout the ring, adding an eye-catching detail to this basic wooden ring. Handcrafted by expert artisans with a passion for the art of ring making, you can rest assured that your ring will be created with the utmost precision and care. To prove it, we offer our Care for Life Guarantee on every ring we make. *Please note that the wood pattern shown is only an example, and due to the nature of wood each ring will have it’s own distinct pattern.
    USD $220.00
  • Natural Santos

    Some things never go out of style. This sleek band is one of those things. With its warm tone and natural wood grain finish, this Santos rosewood ring offers the timelessness you seek, mingled with a unique bentwood ring design. Expertly crafted and sized to fit you perfectly, this ring is fitting for men and women alike. And since it's backed by our Care for Life Guarantee, you can rest assured your investment will be enjoyed for years to come.  
    USD $220.00
  • Bird’s Eye Birch Bentwood Wooden Rings
    Bird’s Eye Birch Bentwood Wooden Rings

    Natural Bird’s Eye Birch

    The natural grain of birch lends this bentwood ring a stunning appearance that is as chic as it is simple. Fashioned by our skilled craftsmen, it's smooth to the touch and finished for a sheen that enhances the wood without detracting from its nature given beauty. And as with all of our wood rings, it's custom fitted and comes with our Care for Life Guarantee, so you're assured of a lifetime of enjoyment.
    USD $220.00
    Rated 5.00 out of 5
  • English Oak Wooden Rings
    English Oak Wooden Rings

    Natural English Oak

    If you think basic has to be boring, then you haven't taken a look at this natural English oak bentwood ring. It boasts a simple band design, hand crafted to fit your finger perfectly. A warm finish and natural wood grain shines through, providing an element of elegance to the look. Customize with our personalization options to make the ring your very own. And rest assured, this ring is protected by our Care For Life Guarantee.
    USD $220.00
  • Natural Walnut

    Sleek, smooth and sophisticated: our walnut natural ring offers the elegance you want, paired with the simplicity you need. Natural wood grain shines through for a beautifully rustic appeal. Customize this ring with your width, size and colour options for a one of a kind look tailored to your preferences. And as with all of our rings, this bentwood ring comes with our care for life guarantee.
    USD $220.00
  • Natural Mahogany

    If you're looking for laid back style with natural vibes and a hint of elegance, then this bentwood ring is your answer. Made from natural mahogany, it boasts a sleek finish with wood grain detailing and a warm tone for the perfect mingling of casual and stylish. Each ring is handmade just for you, and customized for your own unique look. You'll also enjoy the benefits of our Care for Life and Perfect Fit Guarantees, so you can rest assured your ring will last, and fit, for a lifetime.
    USD $220.00
  • american-elm-natural Wooden rings
    american-elm-natural Wooden rings

    Natural American Elm

    This American elm bentwood ring boasts a sleek and sophisticated appeal, mingled seamlessly with a natural shade of wood grain shining through for an equally laid back feel. Makes a wonderful wedding band for that special someone, or for any everyday ring when you're looking for something different. Custom sized and comes with our Care for Life guarantee, so you can rest assured you're getting the very best quality for a lifetime of style.
    USD $220.00
  • Ebony Natural Wooden Engagement Rings

    Natural Ebony

    Sometimes the simplest of things are also the most elegant. Take this ebony bentwood ring for example. It starts with our skillful craftsman who hand craft each ring and ends with a sleek and modern appeal, offered in a simple design that bodes well for men and women alike. Makes an ideal wedding band for those who want something a bit different from the norm, but it's also great for any special occasion and everyday wear. Customize the size for a comfortable and secure fit.
    USD $220.00
  • Natural Golden Koa

    Smooth, vibrant, and with a hint of wood texture thrown into the mix for a laid back feel, this golden koa bentwood ring is a fashionable choice for men and women alike. Ideal for a unique wedding band, but equally suited for any array of special occasions, this ring is expertly crafted from the finest materials and sized to fit perfectly. You can even customize the look for a truly one of a kind appeal. Comes with our Care for Life Guarantee, so you can rest assured that this ring will last a lifetime.
    USD $220.00
  • Natural Maple

    Simplicity at its finest. This maple bentwood wooden ring features a basic design that bodes well for men and women alike. Keep it as is for a go anywhere sense of style, or customize the look for an added dose of personality. Perfect for a unique wedding band, anniversary gift, or as an everyday ring. Our Perfect Fit Guarantee and smooth design ensure that this ring is totally wearable, even for those with active lifestyles. And with our Care for Life Guarantee, you're ensured that your investment maintains its beauty over time.
    USD $220.00