Repair / Resize

Repair & Refinishing

Is it Time For Refinishing? Do You Need a New Size? We can help!

Repair Request Form Download

Please download, print, and fill out our repair request form and mail your ring along with this form when sending it back for repairs, resizing, or a return. Having the form returned with the ring ensures we can identify your package and quickly get started on your repairs when it arrives.

If you are unable to print this form, you can submit the same information with your package on a written letter, but please be sure to keep it legible to help us process your needs faster.

Before sending your ring back to us, please make sure you are clear about what we can do for your needs. 

Helpful links to check our policies:

Just a friendly note about our process:

If you are watching your tracking, please note that it will show a ‘Delivery Attempted, Notice Left’ card has been placed in our box when your ring has arrived. This is normal and does not mean we have not received your ring. We are in a small town and any mail that is not sent with a courier is sorted through a local post office into a PO Box. We pick up our return packages several times a week, but it may take a few days for us to receive, and review, your package once it has arrived depending on our current volume.

As soon as your package has been reviewed we will be in touch with you regarding your return shipping options.

Refinishing and repairing rings can take some time depending on our season and upcoming holidays. If you are sending your ring back to us for repairs, and you have a special date coming up, please get in touch with us before sending your package to be sure we won’t disappoint your expectations if we are not able to get your repairs done in time for your event.