Ring Sizing

Ring Sizing

No one wants to get a new ring just to send it back for a different size so use these great tips to find your perfect fit the first time. (but remember, we’re still here to help if something goes wrong)


Northwood rings fit just like metal rings, if you are a size 6.5 for metal jewelry, a wooden ring at size 6.5 can be expected to fit just fine. If you are planning to purchase a full width band, and you aren’t used to wearing wider rings, you may want to try going up by a half size. 

Order a ring sizer from us:

Please note: We ship our ring sizers standard mail (with a stamp) and they can take quite some time to arrive. If you are in a hurry it is best to visit your local jeweler as suggested in option #1. 

Here are four ways to find your ring size for a great fit:

Option #1

The fastest and most efficient way to find your size is to visit a local jeweler. They will be able to help you find a comfortable fit quickly and accurately. You should ask to be sized for a wide width ring if you are planning on purchasing a classic or full width wooden band. Most jewelers are happy to offer this service for free and it only takes a minute or two to be sure you are ordering just the right size.

Option #2

You can purchase the ring sizer ahead of ordering your wooden ring, and we will mail you the ring sizer along with instructions and a coupon code to redeem the $5.00 cost of the sizer back when you purchase your Northwood ring.

Option #3

If you already know the ring you want, you can go ahead with purchasing your wooden ring and ask for a ring sizer to be sent in the notes section on check out. We will send this free-of-charge.  We will steam and wrap your wood type ahead of time while you wait to receive the sizer. Once the sizer arrives and you’ve notified us of your perfect fit, we will have your order already waiting to be made and be able to cut down the creation time significantly.

Option #4

There are also websites, such as www.findmyringsize.com, that can help you to find your ring size quickly at home. This option is best used as a last resort, as trying to find your size with paper can be tricky, and although we do have our Perfect Fit Guarantee, it can be disappointing to receive the wrong size and need to send your wooden ring back and wait for a new one to be made.


We want to be sure you get the perfect fit the first time, and if you are careful about finding your size your ring should fit beautifully from the day you receive it, but if the ring you receive does not fit comfortably, we do have our Perfect Fit Guarantee so you can be sure you will receive a ring you will love to wear.

If you have any questions about ordering your ring sizer, or your ring, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’re always ready to help.