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  • USD $475.00

    Ela in Ebony & White Gold

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    This striking contrast of this bentwood ring offers a simple but luxurious appearance suitable for men as well as women. A deep ebony finish mingles beautifully with a white gold base for a truly one of a kind feel. Each ring is sized to fit and handcrafted for that added bit of character you'll only find with real artisan made rings.   Product Photo Details: Construction: 14K White Gold (SCS-Certified 100% Recycled) Wood Inlay: Macassar Ebony (Southeast Asia)* Inner Profile: Comfort Fit Width: 6 mm Thickness: Approx. 2 mm (wood edge rings may vary slightly) *Wood tones may vary
    USD $475.00
    USD $475.00
  • USD $659.00

    Wynn in Santos & Yellow Gold

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    If you're looking for a ring that really brings the "wow" factor, then look no further. This bentwood ring offers the elegance you want with the quality you need. Santos rosewood creates a sleek appearance with natural wood grain highlighted throughout combined with a polished, warm color. This is complemented nicely by the 14K yellow gold inlay and liner, which offer the ring a luxurious element fitting for any special occasion. Each ring is handcrafted with careful attention to detail. You'll also get the perks of our Care for Life Guarantee, so you can feel confident in your investment.   Product Photo Details: Construction:             14K Yellow Gold (SCS-Certified 100% Recycled) Wood Inlay:               Santos Rosewood (South America)* Inner Profile:             Comfort Fit Width:                         6 mm Thickness:                  Approx. 2 mm (wood edge rings may vary slightly) *Wood tones may vary
    USD $659.00
    USD $659.00
  • USD $659.00

    Rayne in Grey Maple & White Gold

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    The cool tones of this bentwood ring are sure to complement virtually any ensemble. Whether you want a unique wedding band for your big day, or you just need to find that perfect gift for someone special, you'll love every handcrafted element this ring offers. A grey maple exterior boasts the natural grain of the wood for a laid back feel, while a 14K white gold lining adds the perfect touch of elegance. Each ring comes with our Care for Life Guarantee and Perfect Size Guarantee, so you're happiness is ensured.   Product Photo Details: Construction:             14K White Gold (SCS-Certified 100% Recycled) Wood Inlay:               Grey Maple (Canada)* Inner Profile:             Comfort Fit Width:                         6 mm Thickness:                  Approx. 2 mm (wood edge rings may vary slightly) *Wood tones may vary
    USD $659.00
    USD $659.00
  • USD $421.00

    Terra in Walnut & Rose Gold

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    The sleek but simple ring is fitting for both men and women on your big day, or anytime you want to let that special someone know how much you care. The bentwood design is handcrafted and tailored to perfectly fit the recipient's finger. Made from American walnut, it features charming wood grain showing through to showcase the natural beauty of the wood. A rose gold base completes the look, offering an elegant addition to the otherwise simple design.   Product Photo Details: Construction:             14K Rose Gold (SCS-Certified 100% Recycled) Wood Inlay:               American Black Walnut (North America)* Inner Profile:             Comfort Fit Width:                         4 mm Thickness:                  Approx. 2 mm (wood edge rings may vary slightly) *Wood tones may vary
    USD $421.00
    USD $421.00

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Macassar Ebony - Southeast Asia: A beautiful dark red to black toned wood. Great with vibrant colours like turquoise or malachite.
English Oak
*We are currently using the lighter woods from our Macassar Ebony to achieve this color as Roasted English Oak that is workable for bentwood has become hard to find. Colors range from medium to dark brown and nearly black tones.
Grey Maple
Sugar Maple - Canada: We use the same maple as our regular maple listing, but achieve a beautiful greyed colour by soaking the wood in iron acetate to achieve a weathered silver look.
Santos Rosewood
South America (Brazil and Bolivia): Not a true rosewood, and the same wood as our Pau Ferro, we use the santos name to differentiate the more red tone of this wood from the yellow tones of our Pau Ferro.
Pau Ferro
South America (Brazil and Bolivia): The same as our Santos Rosewood (although not a true rosewood), we use the Pau Ferro name to differentiate the more yellow tone of this wood from the red tones of our Santos.
Central and South America: Beautiful deep purple tones that range to nearly black, but show up brilliant in natural light.
American Elm
Eastern to Midwest United States: Tones range from a toasted caramel to light creamy white in the sapwood
Hawaiian Golden Koa
Hawaii: Vibrant golden tones ranging to reddish hues make this one of our customers most favorite wood choices.
American Black Walnut
Eastern United States: Walnut ranges from a pale brown to a deep chocolate brown and every shade between. Can have color casts of yellow, grey, purple or red.
Elm Burl
Western Europe: The grain in a burled tree is caused by some form of stress or injury to the tree, but creates a pattern that is beautiful to look at. Colors range from medium to dark brown with small figures of color patterns changing throughout.
Canadian Maple
Sugar Maple - Canada: Light and bright in color, our sugar maple comes from Canada and is a beautiful warm creamy white tone ranging to a light honey shade.

None of the woods we use are listed in the CITES appendices as being threatened or endangered. Macassar Ebony is listed on the IUCN Red List as being vulnerable due to a decline in it’s natural range. 

We source most of our woods from craftspeople and artisans with pieces too small for their own use. In this way we feel we can create beautiful rings without contributing to their decline.

Lapis Lazuli
"Blue Mix"
Made from Turquoise, Lapis Lazuli and Malachite
Synthetic Coral
Coral Sand
Natural Sand
Mother of Pearl
Synthetic Opal