We Believe

What We Believe

We love what we do at Northwood, bringing our customers the most beautiful wooden rings we can, but we also love why we do it.

Here are our top five reasons why we do what we do, and why we do it so well.

We Believe In Craftsmanship

We believe that there is a strong heritage of crafting something of beauty from wood and a responsibility to stand behind, and create, a lasting product in our rings. We work to bring together the best of the heritage of wood-crafting and durability, with the modern tools and techniques that give each ring a unique character. We believe in providing strong guarantees that ensure our customers will be happy for a lifetime with their rings.

We Believe In Beauty

We believe in the pursuit of perfection, in creating our rings with balance and beauty out of every material, with skill and dedication to making every ring a work of art. We believe that nature, in its most unaltered form, is at its most beautiful and we seek to create rings that are true to that simplistic beauty.

We Believe In Preservation

We believe that every child deserves to walk in a forest, along a beach, or amongst tall grasses and feel the magic of nature around them. We believe that we are responsible for our efforts in preserving these sacred areas, and we give back to the foundations we feel can contribute to saving them. We happily support CPAWS and the Coral Reef Alliance in their pursuit of preserving the most beautiful natural wonders for future generations.

We Believe In Doing No Harm

We believe that people, and our natural world, are being harmed by industries directly related to the jewelry market, people pursuing wealth through diamond mining and deforestation. We use mostly reclaimed materials in our work, and source any other materials from respectable companies. If we cannot be sure of a materials background, we will not use it. We will not work with diamonds and believe in the beauty of friendlier stones, such as moissanite, which can be created without causing harm to others or to our environment.

We Believe In Love

We believe that each and every ring we make is important. We believe in the love of a treasured gift, full of meaning from the very start of its creation, and we create our rings with purpose, knowing that they will be used as symbols of never-ending love and commitment, of friendship, and of victory. Every Northwood Bentwood Ring is made with the same care and dedication as the very first ring, made by Allan with absolute love for Laurel.

What we believe is a part of every ring that we make. It’s how we live our lives, and the gift we hope to share with our customers. If you are considering a Northwood Ring and want to provide your own materials we ask you to respect our beliefs and collect any wood, inlay materials or gemstones with care for where they are coming from. We will not work with diamonds, diamond powder, or any gemstones that we cannot source the origins of.