Why Your Next Ring Should be Made of Rosewood

Why Your Next Ring Should be Made of Rosewood
December 22, 2015 Northwood Rings

There are hundreds of different options available to you in terms of what material your ring should be made out of.  Whether it is a gift, a wedding band, an engagement ring, or an anniversary ring, the substance your ring is made out of is very personal and has to work well with the person wearing it – after all, a ring is a sturdy piece of jewellery and will likely be with its owner for the rest of their life.  When choosing a substance to have a ring made out of, consider rosewood for your band.  Here are some reasons why rosewood is one of the best choices for a ring material.


Rosewood has a distinct rich red colour to its grain, making it a highly prized and sought-after material to craft with.  The hues in rosewood, especially when treated and varnished by an expert, can make many people’s skin look rich and healthy, reflecting the natural, soft shades of red, yellow and brown present in human skin.  The colour of red unique to rosewood makes an excellent ring and turns a regular piece of jewellery into a timeless one with the greatest of ease. At Northwood Rings, we use a few different types of rosewood.  One type is known as Santos Rosewood, which is a deeper red with dark grains, and Indian Rosewood, which has a very dark (nearly black) purple tone.


Because of its close grained wood, the rosewood tree is used often for luxury items built to last, like furniture, decorative carvings, and prayer beads.  People have even made luxury boats from rosewood due to the ingrained trust in its durability.

Meaning and History

Rosewood is believed to have beneficial and healing properties by multiple eastern cultures – specifically, rosewood jewellery is thought to heal an area or irritated skin over which it is worn.  When it is cut, it emits a sweet smell, which is both soothing and calming.  Wooden musical instruments like violins and cellos are often made out of rosewood for its unique properties in its density.

Having a ring of rosewood will set you apart from every other ring around.  Whether you’re looking for style, durability, or simply a point of positivity in your life, a rosewood ring is always a great choice.

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Macassar Ebony - Southeast Asia: A beautiful dark red to black toned wood. Great with vibrant colours like turquoise or malachite.
English Oak
*We are currently using the lighter woods from our Macassar Ebony to achieve this color as Roasted English Oak that is workable for bentwood has become hard to find. Colors range from medium to dark brown and nearly black tones.
Grey Maple
Sugar Maple - Canada: We use the same maple as our regular maple listing, but achieve a beautiful greyed colour by soaking the wood in iron acetate to achieve a weathered silver look.
Santos Rosewood
South America (Brazil and Bolivia): Not a true rosewood, and the same wood as our Pau Ferro, we use the santos name to differentiate the more red tone of this wood from the yellow tones of our Pau Ferro.
Pau Ferro
South America (Brazil and Bolivia): The same as our Santos Rosewood (although not a true rosewood), we use the Pau Ferro name to differentiate the more yellow tone of this wood from the red tones of our Santos.
Central and South America: Beautiful deep purple tones that range to nearly black, but show up brilliant in natural light.
American Elm
Eastern to Midwest United States: Tones range from a toasted caramel to light creamy white in the sapwood
Hawaiian Golden Koa
Hawaii: Vibrant golden tones ranging to reddish hues make this one of our customers most favorite wood choices.
American Black Walnut
Eastern United States: Walnut ranges from a pale brown to a deep chocolate brown and every shade between. Can have color casts of yellow, grey, purple or red.
Elm Burl
Western Europe: The grain in a burled tree is caused by some form of stress or injury to the tree, but creates a pattern that is beautiful to look at. Colors range from medium to dark brown with small figures of color patterns changing throughout.
Canadian Maple
Sugar Maple - Canada: Light and bright in color, our sugar maple comes from Canada and is a beautiful warm creamy white tone ranging to a light honey shade.

None of the woods we use are listed in the CITES appendices as being threatened or endangered. Macassar Ebony is listed on the IUCN Red List as being vulnerable due to a decline in it’s natural range. 

We source most of our woods from craftspeople and artisans with pieces too small for their own use. In this way we feel we can create beautiful rings without contributing to their decline.

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